Critter Guard Installation and Pigeon Proofing

Installation of Critter Guard and protection against pigeons

Solar panels require not only cleaning and maintenance; it is also necessary to guarantee their protection since they are exposed to inclement weather and the presence of vermin and birds.

We offer you the best protection against external dangers

Unwanted guests can wreak havoc, not just on your panels but also on your solar panel system wiring.

Pests can try to burrow under the panels and live there. Or external factors like weather can cause leaves to pile underneath and create a potential fire hazard.

With our service, we offer you protection against:

  • Pigeons that make nests on the premises
  • Squirrels that can chew cables.
  • Dry leaves that can cause a fire
  • Rotten ceiling

Avoid accidents and dangerous damages.

Installation is quick and easy. Protecting you, your family, and your property is our priority.

Birds, squirrels, and other rodents that live on your roof or around your solar panels increase the accumulation of dirt and, with it, the risk of an accident. Installing special bird and insect

protection around the edge of your system makes it a less desirable area for any class of animals.

Any standard contractor warranties do not cover damage to your solar system caused by animals living on your roof. Avoid unwanted repair costs with Bug Guard. Installation is quick and affordable. This product only needs to be installed once and is protected.

Benefits of Pigeon Proof and Critter Guard Installation


Easy and installation

Programming and installing critter protection is quick and easy. Our experts install the product around the edges of your solar panels to serve as a protective barrier.

Maintains aesthetics

Bug guards can be a valuable investment for your solar installation, as they prevent potentially significant damage to your panels while maintaining a clean aesthetic for your roof.


Protection that lasts

The availability of protectors against creatures allows solar installations to be carried out in any place where there is the sun. Even in areas with high squirrel and bird populations, installing critter shields will protect your PV system from environmental damage.

Quality protection

To combat animal damage and the build-up of flammable materials, solar power providers commonly offer "creature shields," which are strips of metal mesh that resemble high-quality chicken wire that can be attached to sides of roof panels.



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Solar panels require not only cleaning and maintenance; it is also necessary to guarantee their protection since they are exposed to inclement weather and the presence of vermin and birds.



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