Solar Panel Cleaning

Professional and affordable solar panel cleaning.

Hire our solar panel cleaning experts with many years of experience working in California homes. They will ensure that the electricity generation in your home is optimal.

For many years, we have provided home solar panel cleaning services. Solar panels offer significant energy bill savings to homeowners, so you must do what it takes to keep them in excellent operating condition.

Why is it important to clean your solar panels?

Cleaning solar panels is essential because they accumulate dirt, dust, and other debris that prevent them from operating as efficiently to generate electricity. When you routinely clean your solar panels, you improve overall efficiency, so your return on investment will be more secure. Additionally, cleaning solar panels is often part of most warranty plans, and routine cleanings will help improve your solar panels' durability, longevity, and appearance.

Can solar panels be washed alone with rainwater?

It does not work like that. Many homeowners have the mistaken belief that rainwater will wash away dirt and dust buildup on their solar panels, but this is simply impossible. Have you ever noticed that your car's windshield and windows seem dirtier when it rains heavily? The same thing happens with solar panels; rainwater increases the need for thorough cleaning as it only increases the accumulation of dust particles after drying.

Is it necessary to hire a professional to wash solar panels?

It may not be necessary, but it is recommended, climbing on the roof can be dangerous, especially if you do not have experience working there and do not have the proper equipment. Our professionals have the tools like long poles in place to reach every corner, including the hard-to-reach areas of your solar panels. Plus, they know how to thoroughly but safely clean their solar panels without causing damage.




Hire our solar panel cleaning experts with many years of experience working in California homes. They will ensure that the electricity generation in your home is optimal.



Our solar panel experts can maintain, repair, and upgrade any system for maximum energy production and efficiency.



Solar panels require not only cleaning and maintenance; it is also necessary to guarantee their protection since they are exposed to inclement weather and the presence of vermin and birds.



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    • Stephanie S.
      I appreciate how professional this company California Panel Cleaning. This is the best solar panel cleaning service I have hired: the technicians were sincere and efficient, and they explained everything they were doing and why they were doing it. Other companies don’t put any effort into their customer service area, but this company is different, and I think that’s very important.
      Stephanie S.
    • Jeffrey J.
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      Jeffrey J.
    • Sarah A.
      I told my husband we needed to ask for solar panel cleaning because I noticed our solar panels were not working the same way before, and they looked dirty. I also told them that we needed to look for a professional company to provide us with the service because it’s not something we should do if we don’t have the necessary experience. Anyway, we asked for this service, and we were shocked about how efficient they were: I give them five stars, for sure.
      Sarah A.
    • Nicole S.
      I looked for solar panel cleaning solutions because I bought solar panels a year ago but I had no idea I needed to clean them. My husband had no idea how to do it, and either did I, so we decided to look for professional help: a company with the necessary certifications. We chose this company because they seemed very experienced, and they did a great job: they were quick, professional, and dedicated. Thanks a lot!
      Nicole S.
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      I’ve heard about solar panel cleaning solutions before: I never thought it would be necessary to clean my solar panels, but when I read about it, I decided to look for a real professional, so I can have the tranquility that a real specialist is handling the situation. The technicians did a magnificent job: now my solar panels work even better, and I had nothing to worry about once they took care of everything. Great service!
      Brain C.
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